Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc.


In 1998, in a 560 sq/ft garage with an initial investment of $8,000, an assembly company called Glass Resource International Partners was formed in the glass capital of America; Southern New Jersey.

In March 2001 the company was renamed Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc. By 2003, the company had adopted a new vision to become a premier glass vial manufacturer offering engineering and technical expertise in the design and production of laboratory vials and accessories. Serving the Pharmaceutical R&D, Petro-Chemical, Environmental, Food & Fragrance and Diagnostic Markets.

Today, under the leadership of Founder Jim Crawford and Co-Owner Ed Poisker, Worldwide Glass Resources has grown into a 123,000 sq/ft manufacturing faciltiy. Worldwide Glass Resources products are sold through multi-national OEM's and Distributors on 6 Continents.

We believe that maintaining long term relationships with our customers enable us to stay at the forefront of innovation. We strive to become an extention of our customer's operations, reaching out to meet their challenge as our own. We work together to find effective and profitable solutions that enable our customers to get back to what they do best, Science.

"Serving Scientists Worldwide"

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