Adsorptech was founded in 2002 in the basement of one of the founding members as a consulting engineering company specialized in gas separation technologies starting with one New Jersey customer. 

 Today Adsorptech has grown beyond the singular consulting engineering organization to a manufacturer of industrial scale new adsorption-based oxygen production equipment, a service provider for troubleshooting, upgrade and relife of existing adsorption-based industrial gas equipment, a consulting engineer for any gas separation technology from simple feasibility studies to fabrication and installation services, and a distributor for specialized high-duty-cycle valves.  Products and services are provided around the world, including the relocation and/or upgrade of equipment between countries.

 Adsorptech is the proud inventor of the latest technology for the production of oxygen - the patented EcoGenTM VPSA oxygen generator. This technology achieves the highest power efficiency for the production of oxygen in the world. Because the oxygen is produced at the consumer’s site, reliability is superior because overland transport of liquid oxygen is avoided. The EcoGenTM technology has a unique capability that when certain components are offline for maintenance purpose, the generator can still produce 50% of its rated capacity. No other technology can achieve such a cost-effective reliability enhancement.

 By using EcoGenTM technology, the oxygen consumer increases profits for its own product because of combined lower life-cycle manufacturing cost and throughput increase while at the same time reducing pollution. Green growth is good growth. Industries that benefit from using EcoGenTM oxygen include water applications (water treatment, ozone water purification, land-based fish farms), applications requiring heat (glass, ceramics, mineral wool, cement & lime kilns, steel, non-ferrous metals, smelters, waste gasifiers), and chemical reactions (oil refiners, chemical plants, mine ore processing). The EcoGenTM equipment is robust enough to work outdoors in extreme environments from the deserts of the Middle East to the frigid north Alaska gold mines.

 Going forward, Adsorptech has triggered an EcoGenTM proactive export growth plan based on the utilization of in-country qualified service organizations that will function as the EcoGenTM local agent/distributor.


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