Valley Bank

Specializing in Banks and Banking Products (Active)

Company Name: Valley Bank
Phone: 315-406-7628
Contact Email: RBocchino@valley.com
Contact Name: Ralph Bocchino
Website: www.valley.com

What Makes Valley Bank a Unique Place to Bank

* The most trusted bank in the industry.

* $43 Billion in assests & 200 locations NY, NJ, FL, & Al.

* Founded in 1927 & never had a losing quarter.


Strong Values & Integrity:

* We are commited to empowering our customers.

* With transparency & respect.

* Our focus is relationships rather then transactions.

* We listen & train our employees to be leaders and work to impact our local communities.


Personalized Service:

* Our employees are not just workers, but family.

* Our customers feel the same way.

* We live in the communities in which we work.

* Valley Bank sincerely cares about your welfare and financial goals.



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